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Planning to buy a Car?

Whether you’re buying a new car or a reconditioned one, a little research up front can help ensure that you get the best value for your money. You may want to shop around to become familiar with the full range of options available to you, not only in terms of the features available, but also the prices and deals available from REVE Motors.

Buying a car is a major purchase; it is also usually a complex transaction involving a contract, financing, and a warranty. You need to think carefully about each of these aspects of your decision. You will also need to be aware of some specific protections are available to you under the law.

First you must choose between buying a new car and a reconditioned one. A new car will come with a longer warranty and no history of abuse or neglect. It will cost more, other things being equal. On the other hand, new cars depreciate (lose value) almost immediately when they leave the new car lot…which means that if you can find a well-cared-for used car, it might be a good bargain.

Consider the price of the car

This sounds obvious, but car dealers, new or used, may tempt you with a low monthly payment. You should be sure to look at the price of the car, everything included. The amount of the monthly payment depends on the price of the car as well as the terms of the financing. A low monthly payment may be tempting, but it is not necessarily a good deal. Suppose the car is over-priced, the interest is too high, and the loan is stretched out over too many years? That could be just about the worst possible deal!

Newspaper ads and the Internet can give you an idea of price ranges. And the public library has consumer publications such as the “Blue Books” used by dealers to determine price ranges for recommendation cars.

You will be happy to know that REVE Motors only collects vehicles from real sources and on the spot. We also check each and every possible measures in this regard.

Closing the Deal

Make sure that the final price you base your decision on is the final price of the car, with all the features you want…and nothing else.

Here, also please note, you will have to sign a purchase contract while pre-booking. The contract protects you as well as us, so we are requesting you to not to skip this step or hurry through it.